Design21.jpgDesign 21 is a faculty run redesign of the Weymouth High School curriculum. Our goal is to embed core 21st century skills across the curriculum to prepare students for post-secondary education, career, and active citizenship.

This site exists to create complete transparency in the process and maximize input for every stakeholder. At you will be able to view the minutes from every Design Team meeting, check the calendar for upcoming meetings, and publicly post your feedback. The site is faculty run and operated to allow for timely updates and a full democratization of the redesign.

Skill Progression Chart Guide:
A verdant professional learning community for the 21st century.

Printable Skill Progression Chart v1.0

Skill Progression Chart v2.1

Design 21 Year 1 Proposal:

Ratified by the full membership on 6/8/09

Design 21 Year Proposal 2

Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty

Press Coverage
"Students offered new look" Boston Globe October 11, 2009

"Under-appreciated schools get attention they deserve" Patriot Ledger July 20, 2009

"Weymouth students will be exposed to potential careers" Patriot Ledger July 09, 2009

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