WHS School-wide Rubrics

Strategic Reading Rubric.doc
Problem Solving Rubric.doc
Research Rubric.doc
Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubric.doc
Technology Rubric.doc
Oral Communication Rubric.doc
WrittenCommunication Rubric.doc

Rubrics Version 3.1 (changes from 2.1 are in purple)

WrittenCommunication v3.1.doc
Technology v3.1.doc
Strategic Reading v3.1.doc
Research Rubric v3.1.doc
Problem Solving v3.1.doc
Oral Communication v3.1.doc
Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubricv3.1.doc

Rubrics Version 2.1 (changes from 2.0 are in yellow)

WrittenCommunication v2.1.doc
Technology v2.1.doc
Strategic Reading v2.1.doc
Research Rubric v2.1.doc
Problem Solving 2.1.doc
Oral Communication v2.1.doc
Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubricv2.1.doc

Rubrics Version 2.0 (emailed to all staff on 3/22/2010 from Lead Teachers)
Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubricv2.0.doc

Oral Communication v2.0.doc
Problem Solving 2.0.doc
Research Rubric v2.0.doc
Strategic Reading v2.0.doc
Technology v2.0.doc
Written Communication v2.0.doc

Rubrics Version 1.4 (changes from 1.3 are in purple)

Problem Solving1.4.doc
Research v1.4.doc
Strategic Reading1.4.doc

Rubrics Version 1.3 (changes from 1.2 are in green)

Oral Communication1.3.doc

Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubric1.3.doc
Problem Solving 1.3.doc
Strategic Reading1.3.doc

Rubrics Version 1.2 (changes from 1.0 are in yellow

Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubric1.2.doc
Oral Communication1.2.doc
Problem Solving1.2.doc
Strategic Reading1.2.doc

Rubrics Version 1.0 (emailed to all staff on 1/18/2010 from Lead Teachers)

Oral Communication1.0.doc
Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubric 1.0.doc
Problem Solving1.0.doc
Strategic Reading1.0.doc

Rubrics Version .5

Oral Communication.5.doc
Collaboration Peer Assessment Rubric.5.doc
Problem Solving Rubric .5.doc
Research Rubric .5.doc
Strategic reading .5.doc
Technology Rubric.5.doc
WrittenCommunicationRubric .5.doc