Design 21 Leadership Team

Justin Galusha
Design Team Leader / Humanities Academy Chair
John Pappas
Faculty Senate
Joanne Tressel
9th and 10th Grade Academies Chair
Joseph Wilkins
Math and Science Academy Chair
James Maskell
Fine Arts Academy Chair
Karen Monahan
Business and Entrepreneurship Academy Chair
Meredith Westfall
Global languages Academy Chair
Jane Kirsch
CTE Representative

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Key documents:

WHS Design 21's Design Kit
Design 21 Ratified Proposal
May 2009 Update to the School Committee

Spring 2010 Agendas and Minutes

Meeting 6.5
Design 21 Year 2
Capstone Project Curriculum Outline
WHS Electronic Portfolio Template All Students.ppt
Meeting 4.5
March 29, 2010
Meeting 4.5 Minutes
Meeting 3.5
March 15, 2010
Meeting 3.5 Minutes
Meeting 3.5 Agenda

Fall 09 Agendas and Minutes
Meeting 6.5
January 12
Meeting 6.5 Leadership Team Agenda
F09-Meeting 7 Career and Core Academies Agenda
F09-Meeting 8 Career Academy Agenda
F09-Meeting 8 Core Academies Agenda
Spring 09 Timetable Draft 1
Meeting 6
January 4
Design 21: Ratified Community Service Proposal
Design 21: Ratified Capstone Draft Proposal

Community Service and Capstone Proposal Amendments.doc
Meeting 5.5
December 14 and 17
Design 21 Community Service Proposal
Design 21 Capstone Proposal
Meeting 4.5
November 30, 2009
Meeting 4.5 Agenda
Capstone Proposals
CommunityServiceProposals Draft 2
Community Service tracking forms (Fine Arts).pdf
Meeting 3.5
November 16, 2009
Community Service Proposals
Meeting 3.5 Agenda
Meeting 2.5
October 26, 2009
Meeting 2.5 Agenda
Meeting 2.5 Notes
Full Faculty Meeting
October 14, 2009
October Faculty Meeting
Faculty FAQ handout
Meeting 1.5
October 13, 2009
Meeting 1.5 Agenda
Meeting 1.5 Minutes
Meeting 1
October 6, 2009
Fall 09 Meeting 1 Agenda and Presentation
Accepted Fall 09 Timetable Draft 6
Meeting 1 Minutes

Spring 09 Agendas and Minutes

Meeting 7
June 8, 2009
Agenda: Meeting 7 Agenda
Proposal: Design 21 Proposal and Amendments
Minutes: Meeting 7 Minutes
Ratified Proposal: Design 21 Ratified Proposal
Meeting 6.5
June 1-2, 2009
Product: Design 21 Proposal Draft 2
Meeting 5.5
May 18, 2009
Agenda: Leadership Team Presentation Meeting 5.5
Meeting 4.5
May 5, 2009
Agenda: Meeting 4.5 Leadership Team Agenda
Minutes: Meeting 4.5 Minutes
Meeting 3.5
April 13, 2009
Agenda: Meeting 3.5 Leadership Team Agenda
Meeting 2.5
March 31, 2009
Minutes: Meeting 2.5 Minutes
Agenda: Meeting 2.5 Leadership Team Agenda
Meeting 1.5
March 9, 2009
Minutes: Meeting 1.5 Minutes
Agenda: Meeting 1.5 D21Leadership Team Agenda
Meeting 1:
March 3, 2009
Minutes: Design Teams Meeting 1 Notes
Presentation: Design Orientation
Agenda: All Design Team Meeting: Keeping it Core and Making it Ours
Public Launch:
February 11, 2009
Minutes: Faculty Meeting: Implementation of the Design Teams and Faculty Senate

Creative Ideas
Academies Fair:
Imagine a night were students show off their learning to their peers, parents, and the community. Each academy could post their exhibits in different parts of the school. The auditorium could house recitals and performances, while the Humanities Center showcased research projects and the Gold Building a science fair. How great would it be if our students were passionate and proud of their learning?
Developming and Maintaining a Webpage:
One of the ideas on the table from the Math and Science Design Team was to have each of its students develop and maintain a webpage.
Choosing a Cause
The Humanities Academy is thinking about having its academy adopt a cause each year. Each student would research a cause and present it to the academy. The student who does the best job researching and advocating for their cause, would have their idea adopted by the entire academy.
Freshmen Seminar Done Right
Imagine a semester course for freshmen where they receive the study skills and character education that they need to make the transition from middle school to high school.